Ocean Springs has a large array of modern springs and wire forming machines and metal stamping presses.  Below is a small sampling of the equipment that we use to manufacture your products. 

Springs and Wire Forms

112 Wire Forming Machines.  Wire size from 0.004" to 0.315"


Metal Stamping

65 Metal Stamping Presses from 25 to 200 tons. Material thickness from 0.002" to 0.198"




Heat treating, Plating, Painting, Powder and E-Coat,  Printing, Welding, Turning, Grindng, Polishing, and Assembly.  If your part or assembly needs a special process, Ocean can source this for you and provide a complete, turn-key, solution. 

 * Heat treating, plating and painting are performed by either Ocean in house or qualified sub-contractors and managed by Ocean staff.